More Music from the Other Side

March 12, 7:30 pm at The TANK, 151 w. 46th st, NY, NY 10036


Ear Heart Music presents
More Music from the Other Side

New York Premieres and European Classics for Solo Flute

Camilla Hoitenga, flute

by Karin Griesbauer

Music from the Other Side…. from Europe and Japan…from real and imagined worlds….archaic and dynamic…
Music that dances, meditates, agitates, soothes, declaims, questions…..
Music that propels one to the Other Side…

Pèter Koeszeghy        Musik über die Callot Figuren (2009) for flute     (Ed. Judith Klein)
HU/DE, 1971
Mike Svoboda            Music for Piccolo* (2008)     (Kruse Verlag))                   
USA/CH, 1960   
Miyuki Ito                    Sands of Time* (2003) for bass flute      (composer ms)                         
Tiberiu Olah                Sonate (1974) for flute     (Salabert)                                 
RO, 1928-2002   
Georg Kroell               3 Caprices from Solo-Partien für Flöte (1983)     (Edition Moeck Nr. 5285)
DE, 1934
Pèter Koeszeghy        Utopie XIII – Eisblüten* (2007) for piccolo     (Ed. Judith Klein)
Pèter Eötvös
               Cadenza* (2008) for flute     (Ricordi)                  
Kaija Saariaho            Laconisme de l’aile (1982) for flute     (Jasemusiiki)                

*written for CH 

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