2012 up-date

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m off and running and, as usual, more interested in working on the coming projects than in updating my web-site. But – just for the record – since my last report I DID have a few more concerts – in Tallin, Bonn, Richmond, VA, New York and Cologne – where I got to present interesting and worthy-of-mention music:
There were world-premieres of pieces for solo flute by Michael Denhoff, Benjamin Broening (with electronics), for flute and piano by Helena Tulve and Tatjana Koslova, for flute/voice/live-electronics and -video by Claudia Robles and myself the Estonian premiere of Saariaho‘s Dolce Tormento, as well as modern classic pieces for flute/ piccolo and piano by Lotta Wennäkoski, Olivier Messaien, Herbert Brün and Nicolo Castiglioni.

Bach in der Rochuskirche

A particularly satisfying concert in December, however, was performing the highlights of Bach’s Suite in b-minor and of the Christmas Oratorio at the Rochuskirche, with an orchestra composed of Cologne colleagues and friends. A sublime ending to the year.

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