Update 2015

2015 began with concerts and readings in Paris and Berlin to launch Vol. 5 of the journal Music & Literature, followed by concerts at the Delank Gallery in Berlin and in a wonderful concert hall in Kuopio, Finland. In between I heard some amazing ensembles while on the jury for the "Landeswettbewerb" of "Jugend Musiziert" (like the State level of Solo- and Ensemble Contest), and taught master classes and lead flute ensembles both at the Flute Day in Hagen, Germany and at the Finnish Flute Festival in Kuopio.

Next up was the Swiss premiere of Kaija Saariaho's SOMBRE for Bass Flute, Voice, Percussion, Harp and Double Bass (and yes, this is the order preinted on the score…) in a concert featuring Kaija's music at the Sacher Foundation in Basel.




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