Concerts October 2017 – June 2018

Minneapolis: Music of David Means, Center for Performing Arts (October 13-14)  

Helsinki: Music for Flute and Kantele with Eija Kankaanranta, Kantele and others (November 11, 14) MIRRORS

Cologne: Charles Ives, The Unanswered Question with 1. F.C. Rochus Quartet (St. Rochus Church, W. Kaets conducting) (December 3)


Paris: Reprise of the Kaija Saariaho, opera "Only the Sound Remains"  at the Garnier, Peter Sellars directing (January 23,25,27, Feb. 1, 4, 7)

USA: tour with Stockhausen POLES & Manion Memorial  with Taaiv Kerikmäe, synthesizer, piano (Feb 13 — March 10)

Kuopio, Finland: joint concert with 1. F.C. Rochus and Flautonos (March 28)

Marseilles: Recording visual concerts of Barrière & Saariaho (March 31 – April 3)
Nantes: Visual concert with Raphaele Kennedy, soprano (April 12)
Angers: Saariaho Concerto "Aile du songe" , Clement Mao-Takacs, conducting (April 13, 15)
Nantes: Saariaho Concerto "Aile du songe" , Clement Mao-Takacs, conducting (April 17, 18)

Kyoto, Japan: Akira KOBAYASHI Flute concerto at Clumusica (June 24)

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