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L'Aile du Songe, 2002

Music : Kaija Saariaho – Poems : Saint-John Perse

Flute Concerto "L'Aile du songe"  • Flute solo "Laconisme de l'aile"
Camilla Hoitenga, flute • Amin Maalouf, reciter
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra • cond. Jukka-Pekka Saraste
(Kaija Saariaho & Jean-Baptiste Barrière, electronics)

Naïve Montaigne MO 782154 | Amazon

  • …a reborn Debussian refinement and languor with an occasional steely glint – a blend flautist Camilla Hoitenga achieves very naturally in her polished but also very vital performances (5-Stern CD-Kritik, L’aile du songe)
    BBC Magazine, December 2002
  • …a phenomal soloist…her spectrum of color ranges from full flute sound to modulating breath noises that refer to the aesthetic of the Japanese bamboo flute.
    Neue Zürcher Zeitung,  5.3.03
  • The performance is simply breathtaking. (CD-Kritik, L’aile du songe)
    Fanfare, May/June 2003
  • The “pièce de résistance”is without a doubt L’aile du songe…enormously difficult for the soloist, but well-mastered by Camilla Hoitenga. One admires the long breath and the intimate understanding that she brings to this work which is dedicated to her. (5-Stern Kritik der Saariaho CD L’aile du songe)
    La Scena Musicale, Vol. 8. Nr. 6, 2003

Private Gardens, 1997

Kaija Saariaho
"NoaNoa" for flute and electronics
Ondine (ODE 906-2)

  • Camilla Hoitenga achieves a delightfully fragrant harmony between her instrument and the electronics. 
    BBC Magazine, Oktober 2001
  • …”Noa Noa”, porté par la flute virtuose et sensible de Camilla Hoitenga…
    Diapason, Oktober 2001
  • The interpretations of the soprano Dawn Upshaw, the flutist Camilla Hoitenga, the cellist Anssi Karttunen and the percussionist Florent Jodelet are exemplary. 
    Phono-Spektrum,  4.3.1998

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