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Flute and piano repertoire was naturally dominant all through my school years. In college I added other instruments: a guitarist to share the Ibert “Entr’acte”, an organist for Frank Martin’s Sonata da Chiesa, a cellist for Villa Lobos, etc. And for years I enjoyed being part of our Collegium Baroque Trio, enjoying the music of Bononcini and Caldara with oboe, cello and harpsichord.

In graduate school came duos with a harpist or a percussionist, wind quintets and smaller ensembles, and, most importantly, the ensemble “Roulette”, with composer/performer/improvisers David Means, Robert Fleischer, and Dan Senn, (composers/inventors!), Jim Staley and Bob Gale (trombones), John Fonville and myself (flutes).

When I came to Cologne in 1980 I co-formed groups with various wind and/or string players, playing repertoire from Bach to Mozart to Jonathan Harvey to Stockhausen, and even had a folk/rock group (called “Dreirad”, meaning “tricycle”) that included a bouzouki.

Since then I have continued to have the privilege of enjoying intense and exhilarating chamber music experiences with colleagues in many countries, performing music of many epochs.


18th/19th Century:

Bach, Blavet, Handel, Telemann, Mozart, Reinecke, Schubert….
Specific lists from the classic or standard repertoire available upon request!)


early 20th Century:

Debussy, Fauré, Reger, Caplet, Bonis, Ibert, Poulenc, Roussel, Prokofiev, Martinu….
(Here, too, detailed lists available.)


20th/21st Century

In this category there are so many pieces to choose from, with more appearing practically every day.
For the moment I begin with the pieces written for CAMILLA HOITENGA & friends:


With voice:

WILLIAM BROOKS  (*1943) Sweet (2009)  (Music Theatre for soprano and flute)
PIERRE-ADRIEN CHARPY Matar, no te mataria (2009)   (soprano and flute)
Miyuki ITO         Ajuga (2009) (soprano and flute, opt. video)
KUMIKO OMURA   North Wind (2009) (soprano and flute, opt. video)
KAIJA SAARIAHO (1952) Changing Light (2002) (soprano and flute, opt. video)
Ariel's Hail (2000) (soprano, flute, harp)
HARTMUT SCHULZ  Requiem (2010) (bariton, flute and piano)
SHOKO SHIDA (*1942) Uneri  (1980) (soprano, flute electronics)


With harp/koto/guitar:

GENE COLEMAN Shredded Heritage (2000) nohkan, 2 guitars, electronics
FRÉDÉRIC MAINTENANT           Interstice (2003) flute, guitar, electronics
Miyuki ITO  Lunar Phases (2006) (flute, harp, viola)
ANNE LEBARON   Solar Music (1997) (flute and harp)
MIQUEL LORCA Venus (2009)  (flute and harp)
Noriko NAKAMURA Bright moon (2009)  (alto flute and koto)
ORJAN SANDRED Swirling Leaves (2006) (flute and harp)
SHOKO SHIDA         Aya (2000) flute and 2 guitars
Takehito SHIMAZU   Fuzzy Diagonals I (2001) flute, 2 kotos, Japanese dancer
(buyoh), electronics
Takehito SHIMAZU Fuzzy Diagonals II (2001) (flute, 13-gen koto, dance)
Takehito SHIMAZU Fuzzy Diagonals III (2002) (flute, 2 guitars)
Takehito SHIMAZU Ist Herr Dharma? (1994) (flute , guitar, percussion)
Yoko TAKAHASHI Baraka (2001) (flute and koto)
WANG YING Gläsernes/Durchsichtiges Lied (2009) (flute and harp)

With piano (organ/celeste/bajan):

MICHAEL DENHOFF       Maramba (2006) (flute and celeste)
CHRISTOPHER FOX Pastoral (2000)
MARTIN SCHERZINGER The Whistle of the Circle Movement (2000)
STEPHEN HARRAP Passacaglia (2004) (flute and organ)
Hiroko KATSUMOTO Unendliche Geschichte Variation (2003)
DAGFINN KOCH Hommage an Grieg (2010)
MARTIN SCHERZINGER The Whistle of the Circle Movement (2000)
Helena TULVE New Work (2011/12) (flute and prepared piano)

With flutes:

Yoshihiko SHIMIZU (2009) – three flutes

Yoko TAKAHASHI (2005) – two flutes and piano

Yoko TAKAHASHI (2004) – two flutes

With saxophone:

Satoshi IKEGAMI  Morphogenesis (2005) (flute, saxophone)
Aya HORIE   Passion II (2005) (flute, saxophone and piano)
Miki KUMAGAI Ryugo no Tsukai (2005) – (flute, saxophone and piano)
Mio MINAMIKAWA Forest in the Sky (2005) – (flute, saxophone and piano)
Yoko TAKAHASHI Kerahami (2005) (flute, saxophone and piano)

With percussion:

JOHANNES FRITSCH Trio vom Ende(1992) Alto flute, bass voice & percussion
Carl-Axel HALL Unio Mystico (1994) (flute, also piccolo)
Yoshihiro KANNO Deep Sea Maze (2007) (flute, also alto, piccolo)
ANNE LEBARON Transfiguration (2003) (soprano, flute, harp, percussion
FRÉDÉRICK MARTIN Musica Falsa (1998)
MICHELE RUSCONI  New Work (2011) flute, harp, percussion
KAIJA SAARIAHO (1952) Terrestre (2003) Fl./Vn/Vc./Harp/Perc.  10''
Terrestre (2004) Fl./Vla/Vc./Harp/Guit.  10'
Shoko SHIDA (1999) Mugen (Beyond) (1999) (bass flute)
JOVANKA TRBOJEVIC   The Wounded Angel (2009) (also alto flute)


  Download repertoire "chamber music"


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