2012 up-date

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m off and running and, as usual, more interested in working on the coming projects than in updating my web-site. But – just for the record – since my last report I DID have a few more concerts – in Tallin, Bonn, Richmond, VA, New York and Cologne – where I got to present interesting and worthy-of-mention music:
There were world-premieres of pieces for solo flute by Michael Denhoff, Benjamin Broening (with electronics), for flute and piano by Helena Tulve and Tatjana Koslova, for flute/voice/live-electronics and -video by Claudia Robles and myself the Estonian premiere of Saariaho‘s Dolce Tormento, as well as modern classic pieces for flute/ piccolo and piano by Lotta Wennäkoski, Olivier Messaien, Herbert Brün and Nicolo Castiglioni.

Bach in der Rochuskirche

A particularly satisfying concert in December, however, was performing the highlights of Bach’s Suite in b-minor and of the Christmas Oratorio at the Rochuskirche, with an orchestra composed of Cologne colleagues and friends. A sublime ending to the year.

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October 2012

Agitation/Meditation, West meets East

October 6, Düsseldorf

Music of contrasts for SOLO FLUTE, written for Camilla Hoitenga by
Masanori Fujita, Yasutaki Inamori, Yu Kuwabara (all from Japan), Michèle Rusconi (CH), Pèter Koeszeghy (HU/D), Erik Janson (D), plus a recent miniature by Arne Sanders (D) and a classic by Toru Takemitsu (J)

Face to Face

OCTOBER 23, Tallin, Estonia

Music for FLUTE and PIANO, (with optional electronics)
featuring pieces written for Camilla Hoitenga, flute and Taavi Kerikmäe, piano
by Helena Tulve (EST), Tatjana Koskova (EST),
plus classics by Herbert Brun (USA), Nicolo Castiglioni (I), and a recent favorite by Lotta Wennakoski (FIN)

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Next up

June 12 Frankfurt, Hochschule für Musik — Master Class on George Crumb's Vox Balaenae

(June 22 Amsterdam Westergasfabriek Gashouder — Premiere of Kaija Saariaho's Circle Map with the Concertgebouworkest under the direction of Susanna Mälkki)

June 28 – 30 Tallin Rehearsals with pianist Taavi Kerikmae

June 30 -  July 8 Savonlinna Summer Music Camp!

July 22 -  Mayanne Recital with Heloise Dautry, Harp (Debussy, Ravel, Sandred….)

(Foto: Orjan Sandred, CH, Heloise Dautry)

August 24 – 26 Pannonhalma Festival Music by Kaija Saariaho

September 5 Bonn WortKlang Music by Toshi Ichiyahagi, Yui Kuwabara, Yasutaki Inamori (Premiere)

October 6 Düsseldorf Musik21 Music by Ichiyanagi, Inamori, Michele Rusconi (Premiere), Pèter Koeszeghy, Eric Janson (Premiere), Arne Sanders, Masanori Fujita

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Lotta Wennäkoski’s Flute Concerto SOIE

Performed with the Tampere Philharmonic under the direction of Sasha Mäkilä

April 20, 2012

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Master Class in London

presented by All Flutes Plus

60-61 Warren Street  Marylebone, London W1T 5NZ, United Kingdom



Tel. 020 7388 8438

Performance Practice in the 20th/21st Centuries


"How to make old pieces sound brand new, and how to make brand new pieces sound convincing!"

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More Music from the Other Side

March 12, 7:30 pm at The TANK, 151 w. 46th st, NY, NY 10036


Ear Heart Music presents
More Music from the Other Side

New York Premieres and European Classics for Solo Flute

Camilla Hoitenga, flute


by Karin Griesbauer

Music from the Other Side…. from Europe and Japan…from real and imagined worlds….archaic and dynamic…
Music that dances, meditates, agitates, soothes, declaims, questions…..
Music that propels one to the Other Side…

Pèter Koeszeghy        Musik über die Callot Figuren (2009) for flute     (Ed. Judith Klein)
HU/DE, 1971
Mike Svoboda            Music for Piccolo* (2008)     (Kruse Verlag))                   
USA/CH, 1960   
Miyuki Ito                    Sands of Time* (2003) for bass flute      (composer ms)                         
Tiberiu Olah                Sonate (1974) for flute     (Salabert)                                 
RO, 1928-2002   
Georg Kroell               3 Caprices from Solo-Partien für Flöte (1983)     (Edition Moeck Nr. 5285)
DE, 1934
Pèter Koeszeghy        Utopie XIII – Eisblüten* (2007) for piccolo     (Ed. Judith Klein)
Pèter Eötvös
               Cadenza* (2008) for flute     (Ricordi)                  
Kaija Saariaho            Laconisme de l’aile (1982) for flute     (Jasemusiiki)                

*written for CH 

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December report

The biggest news of the hour is that I have finally uploaded my recently-completed discussions on the

Flute Music of Kaija Saariaho. Look under topics for brief excerpts and downloadable pdf files!

I have been quiet here for awhile: in addition to my various concerts, masterclasses and editing projects, not to mention my non-habit of  and non-fascination with the web-site-updating (!), I have also moved house–for the first time in 22 years–entailing a certain amount of dis- and re-organisation. All in all exciting, but of course a process full of distractions.





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August report

Savonlinna and Montepulciano have come and gone–inspiration remains. Great classes, great colleagues, wonderful places….sometimes we musicians are so lucky….!!

For the concert on August 6 in Hannover I'm preparing

Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi's tentatio 1 & 2 (1973) for solo flute (the first Japanese piece I discovered–a classic in my repertoire!)

Toshi Ichiyanagi's Music for Art Kites (1989) for soprano and flute. Ichiyanagi gave me a copy of this piece when he invited me to coach a rehearsal of this piece by his musicians during my stay at Tokyo Wonder Site in 2008. I'm happy to finally be able to perform it myself–with the wonderful Julia Mihály!

Yaeko Asano's Schmetterling und Kran (Butterfly and Crane) (2010) for flute and koto–with the koto player who premiered it, Naoko Kikuchi!


But before that I'll drop by Den Haag to coach some talented Dutch musicians playing the music of Kaija Saariaho, who ist composer-in-residence for the NJO Summer Academy. Later I'll play Saariaho there myself (see Calendar…).

Happy August to all!

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Master Classes Summer 2011

Description: A summer camp on the lake for flutists of all ages and levels, with opportunities for chamber music with strings and piano, and flute ensemble sessions together with the class of my flutist colleague Ilari Lehtinen.

When: July 2-10,2011
Where: Savonlinna, Finland, Savolinna Summer University, Puistokatu 1, 57600 Savonlinna

Starts: Saturday, July 2, 2011
Ends: Sunday, July 10, 1 p.m.

Contact: Erja Tynkkynen,
Tel: +0358 (0) 15 555 0850
Email: erja.tynkkynen@savonlinnna.net
Website: www.savonlinnakesayliopisto.net


Description: A master class for flutists age 18 and above in a charming town in the Toscana…Exploring performance practices from the 17th c. to the present, from Bach and Hotteterre to Stockhausen and Saariaho and beyond, incl. Blavet, Debussy, Varese, Berio, Takemitsu … and your own repertoire.
Individual and group lessons possible, at the end we'll have a final concert. Participation includes a wine tasting of Vino Nobile
Our pianist is Janka Simowitsch.

Aufführungspraxis vom 17. Jahrhundert bis heute.
Repertoire von Bach und Hotteterre bis Stockhausen und Saariaho und darüber hinaus, incl. Blavet, Debussy, Varese, Berio, Takemitsu … und eigenes Repertoire.

Einzel- und Ensembleunterricht möglich.
Am Ende des Kurses gibt es ein Abschlusskonzert.
Korrepetition: Janka Simowitsch 

When: July 17-24, 2011
Where: Montepulciano, Italy • Palazzo Ricci
European Academy for Music and Art • Montepulciano • Via Ricci 9-11 • 53045 Montepulciano (Si) • Italy

Starts: Sunday, July 17, 2011
Ends: Sunday, July 24, 2011

Contact: http://www.palazzoricci.com
Tel: +39 578 75 60 22
E-mail: info@palazzoricci.com
Or: choitenga@googlemail.com
Website: www.palazzoricci.com

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Concerts in Denmark

May 3, 2011 | Elsinore, Denmark
May 4, 2011 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Laconisme de l'aile (spatialized version) and Terrestre by Kaija Saariaho

Athelas Sinfonietta, Pierre-André Valade, cond.

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